The Best Hair Extensions
on the Gold Coast

As the premium human hair extensions salon on the Gold Coast, we can give you the long, silky, voluminous looks you’ve always desired. We pride ourselves on ensuring every Guest walks out with perfect hair, which is why we hold our reputation as the number one choice for hair extensions on the Gold Coast.


Professional service

Why choose us for your extensions

We utilise the latest bonding methods including keratin bond, microbead, tape and weave. The keratin bond application method is the preferred choice for air hostesses, models and personal trainers as they are long lasting and very discreet. Regardless of the attachment method you choose, you can be assured that you will get an excellent, high quality result when you entrust your services with the experts.

At Elite we bond our hair extensions onsite which gives us the flexibility to analyse your hair during your consultation, and the evaluate which strand weight will best suit the natural flow that you already have.

You will be amazed by how shiny, healthy and thick your hair will look and feel after your service with us. We offer obligation free-quotes, and thorough consultations – ensuring you receive the best possible experience, and result.

We invite you to contact us for an appointment or quote. Don’t risk it, choose Elite – the Gold Coast hair extensions experts.


Before & After

Check out our before and after photo gallery - after all, seeing is believing!

  • Juliana
    I have been coming to Elite for 5 years, and can honestly say I was out feeling happy, pampered and totally respected, every time. My extensions are always so comfortable and stable – I couldn’t live without them now! I know I am fussy, but to have a true professional go out of their way to understand what I want – is such a luxury. Elite is the place to go if you want top quality and great service.
  • Clare
    This is the beginning of a wonderful relationship. Thank you for caring about my hair, and your wonderful service. Yours forever!
  • Shannon
    I've been coming to Elite for 4 years. They are the ultimate professionals in hair extensions and know exactly what they are doing. My hair was so thin and fragile when I had my first lot of extensions. With the right assessment and attention, my natural hair has zero damage and is significantly longer, thicker and healthier. The girls are always accommodating with any requests and I always feel welcomed and pampered in the salon. I couldn't be happier, I highly recommend Elite.
  • Emily
    The BEST salon I have ever been to! I travel from South Gladstone to get my hair done and its totally worth it. The staff are lovely and the service is exceptional. I started coming a year ago, and hardly have to make the drive back because my extensions are so long-lasting! I wouldn’t go anywhere else.
  • Tracy
    I’d just like to thank the amazing girls at Elite for giving me amazing hair every single day. For the past five years they have provided me with nothing but amazing service and quality hair extensions. The extensions always perfectly match, which allow me to keep the fact that I have hair extensions as my own little secret. An unexpected move interstate still could not keep me away from their salon, resulting in me flying up to the Gold Coast to keep up with my appointments. I could not thank the girls enough for how much they have increased my confidence and fulfilled my wish of having long, thick hair. If you’re looking for amazing quality extensions and professional and friendly service, I 100% recommend visiting Elite.
  • Kate
    I absolutely love my hair now! At Elite you get high quality extensions, seamless application, impeccable customer service and affordable pricing. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Our services

Although hair extensions are our specialty, we also offer premium haircut and colour services, as well as a large range of premium take-home products. Elite has it all!