10 things you should know before going Blonde

Posted on March 22, 2016 by Elite Hair

Posted in Tips & Advice

Getting the perfect blonde tone can be a little tricky, especially if it isn’t your natural hue. So here are Elites top 10 tips to getting the perfect blonde hair.

1) Be conscious of your blonde budget

Going blonde requires regular maintenance, and appointments need to be made every 6-8 weeks or else it can end up looking brassy and tacky. Don’t take the plunge unless you are comfortable you can afford the maintenance.

2) Be prepared to upgrade your shampoo and conditioner

Going blonde requires bleach, which means the hair will undoubtedly dry out and become a little wiry. You will need less shampoo, and more conditioner, and will need to invest in conditioning, sulphate-free products, as well as investing in a professional treatment.

3) Know exactly how blonde you want to go

There are many different shades of blonde – cool and ashy, or golden and warm. Choose a blonde hair specialist who can help you decide on a colour that will complement your skin tone best, and wont leave you with terrible regrowth, and will grow out naturally.

4) Be ready to change your make-up

Going blonde will directly affect the makeup that suits your new look, primarily your lipstick. Also, you may find if you are making the transition from brunette to blonde – that warmer brown eyeliner looks much kinder than a harsh black eyeliner.

5) Ask your stylist for a Olaplex treatment at the end of your service

Olaplex is a hair bond multiplier that uses a unique chemistry that multiplies bonds and cross-links broken bonds. This means hairdressers can now push bleaching services even further, without resulting in long-lasting damage to the clients hair.


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