5 Tips to promoting healthy hair and growth

Posted on September 18, 2015 by Elite Hair

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1. Brush your hair

When you brush your hair it stimulates your scalp and encourages growth. It also helps make your hair shine. Try not to brush your hair until it is totally dry to avoid breakage.

2. Use salon quality shampoo and conditioner

Try to avoid the cheaper shampoos and conditioners, they tend to be harsher on your hair. In particular try to avoid the chemical Sodium Laurl Sulphate.

3. Wash out styling products
Products including gel, hair spray and similar items can damage your hair, if you really like to use them be sure to wash them out each day.

4. Avoid extended time in the sun
Like your skin, your hair is at risk of sun damage. It can become dry and brittle leading to extra breakage and stunted growth. If you are outdoors more than indoors try to cover your hair with a hat – slip, slop, slap is the key to a healthier existence!

5. Select products that suit your hair type

If you have oily hair stick to a product range that reduces the oil levels, if you have a dry scalp use anti-dandruff products, if your hair is coloured or bleached use a range that puts the missing moisture back in regularly.

If your hair is healthy and looks and feels great, chances are your general state of mind will match it.


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