Our Team

About Elite Hair Extensions Gold Coast / Brisbane

Our beautiful boutique salon is open 4 days per week from Wednesday to Saturday, and offers late night appointments Wednesdays and Thursdays.

At Elite, we take the time to understand your hair and what you want to achieve. When visiting us, you will be looked after by one of our very carefully selected and highly trained professionals.

Our expert team of Senior Hairdressers have extensive training in their area of specialty. They are able to cater to your every need, without compromise. They will provide unbiased, honest advice and promise safe and flawless application of hair extensions to ensure the natural hair continues to grow without stress or damage. Our Emerging Stylists are also highly skilled and passionate professionals who are picked especially for their talent and initiative.

To keep up with the latest in hairdressing trends and techniques, the entire team are required to further enhance their skills with in-salon training, external industry events, courses, workshops, competitions and attend hair, beauty, and fashion shows. You are in safe hands with us!

We are proud to be an exclusive Kerastase + Loreal salon, stocking the very best in professional products. We also have a full range of LaBiosetique styling products, GHD and our very own range of Elite hair care products for personalised extension care.


Creative directore since: 2008

Makayla Kelly is undoubtedly the queen of Hair Extensions on the Gold Coast. Regularly sought out by A-Lister’s and constantly in high demand by her following of loyal clientele, she is the go-to woman when it comes to seamless extensions.
A trusted expert, for years now, Makayla has been weaving her magic on celebrities and film sets behind the scenes. For her, this has been one of her highlights and an opportunity that she had never envisaged.

Founder and owner of Elite Hair, Makayla has a wealth of industry experience after 16 years perfecting her craft and pursuing her passion for continuous discovery. Like so many in the industry, her dream started with a love for the glamour, artistic and social attractions the career had to offer.
Ironically, not one to embrace the spotlight, Makayla has never chased awards and recognition, but instead focused on building her brand through her team culture. On first impression, an initially reserved exterior belies Makayla’s bubbly nature and competitive edge (or commanding presence).

Building her brand into the powerhouse it is today has only been possible through the mutual dedication and commitment that exists between her and her team. The Intimate connection to her people is obvious.
“They are my work family. They are the people I choose to spend my days with and share my brand with. I love them!”
What you see today when you walk into the Elite Salon Space has been inspired from the inside out…literally. Brand Elite started its journey from the humble beginnings of Makayla’s family home.

With five-star reviews, Team Elite stands out from the crowd with its glowing reputation and vibrant atmosphere. Placing a genuine focus on the values and culture that inspire her team, Makayla has built a strong foundation for the personal growth and development of her people.
In reference to the Elite core values, she states, “It’s how we know we’re on the right path.”
Having built strong partnerships with key supplier brands Loreal, Kerastase and Great Lengths, Makayla and her team are fully equipped to offers the touch of luxury and quality her clients deserve.

Despite her success, Makayla has consistently been torn between her life’s two greatest loves – hair and family. The pull from her vision of building an empire hasn’t left much time for play.
In stark contrast to the world of Elite, her interests outside of hair revolve around the simpler things in life. Whether it’s sourcing the best local eateries or spending time in the sun, it’s being with her family that counts.
Either way Makayla knows the future is bright, as she will continue to pour her heart and soul into whatever she pursues.


Salon Manager + senior stylist | Elite family since 2016

Creative. Thoughtful. Adventurous.

Donna is Elite’s Salon Manager and started back in December 2016. Having worked in the industry for 18 years, Donna was first attracted to hairdressing because she wanted to make people feel good about themselves. She has always had a natural flair for seeing and bringing out the beauty in others, and in her own words, “there’s something that hits a little different when your day starts with a well put together outfit, complimentary eyeshadow, and shoes to die for.”

Donna’s true passion in hairdressing is the people. She has worked alongside some of the industry’s greatest, and a top career highlight for her includes being a finalist in the AHIA Salon Manager of the Year Awards. Her favourite moments are those that you don’t always see, but that you feel every day.

About her position as Salon Manager at Elite, Donna loves… - The vibe and culture of Elite - The unrivalled guest experience - Job appreciation and satisfaction - Support from employer and peers - The genuine work/life balance - The snacks - The career growth and opportunity provided to us

We love that Donna has strong values, and that she admires this in others too. To Donna, the most important things in her life are family, her best friend Boy (her cute Chihuahua), and personal freedom. She loves fashion, travel, writing (she’s a published author!) and riding her Harley.

About herself, Donna says “I always think of others and try to find a way to make someone’s day better, my creativity helps me think outside of the box, and my adventurous nature leads me to live a fulfilling life. I accept and embrace new challenges along the way.”


Master Colourist | Elite family since 2020

Compassionate. Honest. Spontaneous.

Adrian is the colourist of our dreams! He began with us in 2020, and has made such an impression on all of us. He was drawn to hairdressing through his love of fashion, art, photography, and architecture. Adrian says of hairdressing, that it has variations of all of the things he loves and is interested in. The spark has never dulled for our Adrian, and it is without doubt that he has a natural flair for creating amazing hair.

Adrian has a lot of colourful memories when he looks back at his career, including looking after celebrities and styling for high-progile photoshoots, just to name a few. He is passionate about building and nurturing relationships, and if you’ve ever had the pleasure of spending time with Adrian, you will know this is absolutely true!

We love the energy Adrian brings to our team, and in turn he loves our atmosphere, culture, creativity, and the fact that we really are one big family.


Senior stylist | Elite family since 2021

Bubbly. Enthusiastic. Happy.

Chantelle is one of the newest members of our Elite family. She loves how good hair can make people feel so beautiful and confident, so being able to do this as a career was an absolute must for her from a young age! Chantelle began her apprenticeship at 15, and has gained experience across the Gold Coast and in regional locations.

Chantelle has worked extensively with L’Oreal, completing many colour classes whilst also being a hair model. She absolutely loves colouring and curling, and her favourite career moment is starting with us at Elite. Chantelle’s most loved part of her job is seeing her beautiful guests so happy and in love with their hair!

Chantelle loves to cook, dance, drink wine, paint, and spend quality time with her friends, family, partner, and dog Bubbles. She is always up for a good time, which is why we are so lucky to have her as our newest addition.


Senior Stylist | Elite family since 2018

Bubbly. Loyal. Passionate.

Britt is a newly qualified Senior Stylist, and another Elite family member who came on board in 2018, as Elite’s first ever First Year Apprentice. Since she can remember, Britt has always wanted to make people feel confident in themselves, and to her (and we agree!) hairdressing is the most rewarding job she could ever ask for. Knowing she has made someone feel better about themselves, she says, is “so nice!”

We are so proud of Britt for all that she has achieved, including… - Apprentice of the Year 2020 - L’Oreal Colour Trophy Rising Star Semi-Finalist - Kerastase Embassador - Qualified Greatlengths Extensionst

Britt is passionate about creating coppers and reds, as well as colour corrections and styling. She loves coming to work with great people who are like family. Britt is kind hearted, and loves all things crystals and astrology. She also fangirls over all the new TV series, and loves a good cheese board (who doesn’t really).


Senior Stylist | Elite family since 2018

Happy. Passionate. Easy going.

Jacinta is one of our incredible Senior Stylists who loves life as a hairdresser. The ability to be creative and make people feel beautiful is what first attracted Jacinta to this industry, and are the things that keep her going today. She loves working with amazing colleagues and guests every day, and is grateful for having consistent support in achieving whatever her heart desires.

For Jacinta, the day she received her qualification was one of the best days of her life. In addition to this, she has also previously received Extensionist of the Year, and Colour Trophy Semi-Finalist in 2020. Jacinta is passionate about anything blonde and balayage, and relishes in any opportunity to learn more and be more.

Jacinta is fiercely loyal and tends to attract others in her life that are the same. She also loves keeping up with current trends, and as a Kerastase ambassador and an expert Loreal colourist, she loves lending her passion and knowledge to our emerging team.


Emerging Stylist | Elite family since 2021

Generous. Quirky. Helpful.

Tiff started with us early in 2021 as a 2nd Year Emerging Stylist. She has always loved playing with hair, and as a kid she would style (and cut!) her barbie doll’s and sister’s hair! She still loves playing with hair, and Tiff’s favourite thing about being a hairdresser is being able to create so many wonderful styles every day. She says she can’t wait to keep doing that for many years to come. She loves learning - no two days are the same at Elite!

Tiff has a passion for blow drying and waving, and is obsessed with creating stunning finally looks for our guests. Her secret talent is an excellent memory for preferences - she loves shocking guests by remembering what they like and do not like during their visit.

Tiff’s favourite career moment is starting with us at Elite. She says she knows she is on the right path here and feels like she’s found her home for hairdressing with us (aw!). Tiff loves that Elite has family vibes all the time, and that she could spend everyday with the team and never get sick of them. She enjoys the support and processes we have in place to help support our stylists, loves how much we genuinely love and care for our guests, and feels comfortable in knowing that we will always have each other’s backs!

To Tiff, completing her apprenticeship is very important to her. She has already learned so much and come so far, we can’t wait to see what she achieves in the coming years! We love that Tiff believes everything happens for a reason and that’s what meant to be, will be.


Emerging Stylist | Elite family since 2021

Driven. Hilarious! Loving.

Bhodi is our newest team member and a 1st year apprentice. She has been drawn to playing with hair, like most of us, since she was a kid. So far, Bhodi’s experience in hairdressing has been life changing for her. From the moment she first started, she says “I knew I could do this forever.” Bhodi feels as though with more experience, she knows she will learn, grow and excel in the industry, and we stand by this statement too!

About Elite, Bhodi says that she loves getting to work with such kind, sweet people everyday. And as if we couldn’t love her anymore, she also says that not only do our team show that they are good at their jobs, but that they really love them, too! And she can’t wait to learn from the best.

In her personal life, Bhodi is a very committed dog mum, and lives everyday by her one core value of loving yourself and others.

Bhodi can’t wait for you to see more of her, and neither can we! Welcome to the team, Bhodi!