And the winter is the side part

Posted on September 18, 2015 by Elite Hair

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The Met Gala is our version of the Olympics – we’re serious! The fashion elite come out to play and in an effort to out-do the next contestant, all competitors bring their A game! The stakes are high and we love playing spectator.

This year marked a distinct trend in the beauty department, something that was evidentially adopted and adapted by the majority of celebs slinking their way down the red carpet. Amidst the couture gowns, breathtaking styling and game changing accessories, the side part reigned in all its glory, proving its worth as a staple season fave.

Worn left, right, up, down, wet, dry, sleek or tussled, we decode two of the most relevant variations and take you through which one’s for you.

The Deep Side Part:
Best worn at night when you want to make a serious style statement. You’ll need to blow dry your hair using your fingers ensuring it is not blown out to look perfectly straight. Then using a comb, make a clean and defined part line closer to your ear than part centre line.

This look is prefect to wear with extensions because it’s about the texture and movement.

Hot tip: Conceal your extension bonds with the textured layers of your natural hair.

The Natural Side Part:
Best worn on the weekends when you’re channeling your inner model off duty look. Wash and roughly dry your hair before creating a part line with your fingers all the way back to your crown. Blow-dry your hair in sections applying tension at the root to create a smooth finish.

Hot tip: To work with extensions and or fringes, and layers, sweep the hair at the front down low over your forehead and secure it behind your ear with a hair pin. Next, pull some hair forward over the ear to hide the hairpin and give the whole look a little less polish.


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