How to choose the best hairstyle for your outfit

Posted on January 20, 2017 by Elite Hair

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It’s easy to spend hours searching for the best outfit, yet we often just toss up our hair. Sometimes it’s worth spending the time pairing the best hairstyle to compliment the neckline of your outfit.


Here are some of our recommendations below:


Sweetheart Neckline

Strapless and spaghetti strap tops that create a heart shape at the cleavage. Since this style is bold, and feminine – a loose bun is the perfect combination. Since the neckline is ornate, its best to keep the hair minimal and swept back.


High Necklines / Turtlenecks

A high neckline is often a bold look, with sharp lines so there are 2 ways to go here:

Sleek with a tight low ponytail for a modelesque, corporate look


A feminine braid to make the look less sharp, and more ‘pretty’


Cowl Neck

The ‘funky’ elegance of a cowl neck is the perfect compliment to a French Twist. Its not too bold to compete with the top, but also keeps the hair away from the detail and bulk of the fabric.



A strapless dress is sexy & elegant and pairs well with long, straight hair. A middle part, worn tucked behind the ears, gives a glamorous look.


Low Scoop Back

If the neckline is high in the front, but very low in the back – you have 2 options; either hanging in loose curls down the back for a more casual look, or pinned up high with little braids intertwined, to show off the shoulder-blades.


Baggy, Casual T-Shirts

A cute fishtail, or plait bread pulled to one side is a lovely casual look for a weekend look. Wear the hair parted far too one side with a casual sweeping fringe with loose tendrils, for a cute relaxed style.


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