Weft, Tape, Keratin Bond & Remy Human Hair Extensions

At Elite, our entire range of tape, weft and other extensions are made from 100% Remy human hair, which is known for its top quality and range of textures including straight, wavy, curly and more.

We stock Indian, Asian, Ukranian, Mongolian and European (including Russian) weft, tape, keratin bond, or Remy human hair extensions in a range of thicknesses, so you get the most flawless match to your natural hair type. We will determine which is best suited for you and your lifestyle, during a thorough consultation. Although we will offer our expert advice, the decision will always ultimately sit with the customer.

At Elite, you don’t have to compromise your look to suit your budget, as we have various prices, and interest-free payment plans available.

Safe and Long-lasting Tape & Weft Extension Application Methods

Only respected professionals with years of experience apply our products. Truly natural looking results require a high level of skill for correct attachment, and we pride ourselves on perfect placement every time.

All of our services also come with a free cut and style valued at $100, to ensure you walk out feeling your absolute best. We also offer a complimentary 2-week check-up to make sure you are loving your new look – it is our chance to perfect your aesthetic after it has settled in.

Please see our FAQ’s section for more information.

We can also order a selection of clip-ins for those who want a more temporary change in style.

A Beautiful Range of Styles Including Tape & Weft

We use only 100% Remy Human hair extensions, known for the fantastic quality and large range of colours.

Our tape, weft and other products come in multiple textures; straight, wavy, curly and ringlets, to perfectly match the natural hair. Several methods including tape and weft extensions are available at Elite including; keratin bond, tapes, wefts, microbead, and more.

All our services include:

  • Premium Elite tape, weft and other extensions applied with the method of your choice (keratin bonds, microbeads, shrinkies, tapes or wefts). We will happily consult with you about which style you would like to complete your awe-inspiring aesthetic. All our experts know exactly how to help with styling decisions and will be there to show all of our styles to you.
  • Professional application by qualified hairdresser/ hair extension technician
  • Professional cut and styling by a qualified hairdresser. Because we don’t just stop at the first part of the application. We work to ensure that your style is exactly how you want and this includes adding follow up touches with a professional hairdresser.
  • Follow up appointment

We can also order a selection of clip-ins for those who want a more temporary change in style.


The lengths of Remy human hair extensions available are:

  • 16 inch (40 cm) (approx. bra strap)
  • 18 inch (45 cm) (approx. 2 inches below bra strap)
  • 20 inch (50 cm) (approx. waist length)
  • 22 inch (56 cm) (approx. top of buttocks)
  • 24 inch (61 cm) (approx. bum length
  • 26 inch (66 cm) (approx. base of bottom)

Price varies depending on the quality of those selected. We carry a range of hair extensions including Remy, Indian and European (including Russian) pieces - available in the form of wefts, keratin bond, tapes or microbeads.

  • A half head generally requires : 45-65 pieces
  • A full head generally requires : 100-120 pieces

We will only apply the style that best suit your own hair type and custom make the suitable size and weight strands.

Learn more about the benefits of choosing Elite for your hair extensions here.

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