Why Choose Elite

Hair extensions for a flawless natural look

We are able to offer without compromise, absolute expert hair extension application thanks to our professional team of specialists. We have the ability to match the hair extensions to your natural hair perfectly with the distinct advantage of being able to bond the hair onsite.

Many salons order pre-bonded hair from a supplier, which is therefore not matched specifically to the clients hair. This means there is no flexibility in changing the weight and strand thickness of the extensions.

If your hair is fine, often pre-bonded extensions do not blend with the natural consistency and flow of the hair. If your hair is thick, pre-bonded extensions can give the hair a wispy look and move around a lot more than the natural hair.

At Elite, we match length, texture, colour, density and consistency to the natural hair, which is only possible if the hair is able to be bonded onsite. During your free consultation we evaluate which strand weight is required to flawlessly match the natural hair.

The hair extensions experts on the Gold Coast

Many salons claim to use 100% quality Remy hair extensions, but this is not always the case. Fake Remy extensions look good for around a week, then proceed to frizz and become unmanageable. At Elite we guarantee the quality of your hair extensions as well as the application process. We will also complete a complimentary one-month application to ensure the quality of your hair extensions is maintained. Please do your research - If the price seems too good to be true, then it usually is!

At Elite, we also have fully qualified hair extensionists. All our staff are fully trained in extensions – as well as treatments, colours and cuts. You can trust us with all aspects of your hair service.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions to ensure you get exactly what you are looking for.

At Elite we have a flawless record, a large client base, a professional team and a fantastic reputation. Don’t risk it – trust Elite.

Interest-free payment plans

Elite Hair Extensions offers interest free payment plans to approved clients. These come with 30 second approval, and a 98% approval rate.

With this flexibility you can get your new look now and spread the payments out with no interest.

Call us today and discuss which payment plan will suit you best.

Learn more about zipPay.

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