1Why get hair extensions?

It is one of the greatest pleasures to have long, thick, shiny hair - and the confidence that goes with it!

Hair Extensions are the latest trend and are now one of the most popular methods in correcting thinning hair, short hair or just plain bad hair! They're great for:

  • Thin hair
  • Short hair, causing lack of sex appeal or confidence
  • Bad hair cut, wanting to temporarily fix hair length as natural hair grows back!
  • Boost in confidence with hair length, to look and feel better!
  • Difficulty in managing your real hair due to texture or appearance
  • YOU are TIRED of having BAD Hair DAYS!!
  • Look & Feel Younger
2How many pieces will I need?
This all depends on the look you require and the amount of volume and length you already have.

Highlights: 10-20 different shades of Hair Extensions tactically placed will enhance any style.

Fine lifeless hair : just 20 micro pieces will add instant volume and life in minutes. 50-75 Hair extensions will create lots of volume and change the shape of the style. 100-120 Hair extensions will add volume and length.

Medium hair : 50-80 Hair extensions are needed to create thickness and add length.

Medium to thick hair : 80-140 hair extensions are needed to create length and thickness

All of the above are rough estimates only and your extensionist/stylist will discuss your possible options during your FREE personal consultation.
3Can I get a quote for hair extensions over the phone?
As extensions are a bespoke service (no two heads are the same) an in salon personalised consultation is necessary, we can also offer virtual consultation by request. During this appointment your experienced stylist will determine the best options suited to your hair type and lifestyle based on your natural hairs quality, length, thickness and your ultimate hair goals, she will then provide you with a customised quote. Comparing apples with apples; Remember that different salons offer different hair extensions qualities and different levels of experience.
4Do I need a consultation prior to having hair extensions done?
YES! Because extensions are such a bespoke service, that means they’re tailor made just for you! Our hair extensions specialists will need to see you for an in salon consultation, because there's no one size fits all when it comes to looking and feeling your absolute best!

If you would like to get started on your hair extension journey, and find out what’s possible for your hair, we invite you to contact the salon direct on 0427424736 ​

Please note; We recommend booking your consultation appointment a minimum of 1 - 2 weeks in advance to your desired application day and time to ensure that our stylists will have the flexibility to suit your schedule.

We look forward to hearing from you!
5 Will they damage my own hair?
Providing they are applied and removed by a qualified hair extensionist and our aftercare instructions are followed, then they should not damage your hair.
6How much will it cost?
As a guide, Volumising services can range between $100 - $600 Lengthening can range between $600 - $2000
7Do I have to have a break from extensions?
Keratin bond hair extensions are known to be the safest most gentle attachment and are safe to wear even on the finest hair (must be applied by an experienced stylist) for many years with little to no down time, our hair extensions specialists pride themselves on damage-free applications.

This means you can safely wear keratin bond hair extensions for over 10 years with no down time and no damage!
8When are they not recommended?
They are not recommended to anyone suffering from alopecia, psoriasis or any other scalp disorder.
9 Can my extensions be cut and styled as normal?
Cut: your Hair extensions can be cut and shaped to blend in with your natural hair.

Styled: your Elite hair extensions are best when styled using blow driers, straighteners, curling tongs or rollers.
10How long will mine last?
Due to the normal growth rate of natural hair, extensions should be removed after 6 months. However this will vary from person to person depending on your hair type. You can remove and replace new pieces on the same day.
11Can I colour my re-growth?
Permanent hair colours are only recommended when colouring your re-growth. But we do not recommend combing the colour through to the ends.
12Not sure which method is for you?
There are many things to consider when deciding which method of application is best suited to your hair type and life style. At Elite hair extensions we take the time before applying your extension to ensure we use the right hair type to texture match and the best suited attachment for your hair type and lifestyle. Here is a rundown on a few of the different methods available.
13What are keratin bond hair extensions?
Application: the extensions are attached to the natural hair with a patented keratin bond.

Removal: salon-only. They’re dissolved with a removal solution that promises not to damage your hair’s natural cuticle.

Lasts: 3 to 6 months if cared for correctly. We provide regular check up appointments to ensure the extensions are being cared for correctly to ensure they last the maximum amount of time. Keratin bonds are generally the most discrete and comfortable as well as natural looking.
14What is micro ring (also known as loop or bead)?
Application: This method of hair extensions uses no glue, no heat, no remover and if applied properly will not damage the hair. A small and carefully sectioned area of hair is inserted through the same micro bead and is pressed firmly with a pair of pliers to lock the hair firmly inside the bead. The pressed rings lie flat against the head. No glue is used with this method.

Removal: is simple, the same pliers are used to open the bead which will then slide off the hair.

Lasts: 12 months before you will need to replace the hair or longer depending on how well you care for it however you will need to have a refit/ moved up every 8-12 weeks. Refit costs are generally $200-$250 each time.
15What are shrinkies?
Application: This method is similar to the micro rings method but in place of the ring, a clear tube is used instead. Heat is applied to the tube causing it to shrink on to the hair and extension to provide a bond.

Lasts: 3-4 months

Removal: They are removed with a removal solution.
16What about skin weft hair or Tape extensions?
Application: This method uses the wefts similar to clip- in extensions. These are small strips of tape with the hair attached. Your hair is sandwiched between the extension tapes.

Lasts: The tape extensions will need to be refitted/ moved up every 6-8 weeks

Removal: An alcohol solution is used to remove the adhesive from the tapes, your tape extensions can be reused after cleaning by reapplying new tape. Refit costs are generally $200-$250 each time.
17Can I reuse my keratin bonds?
Keratin bonds can’t be reused as they are a permanent hair extension. They suit women who want a low maintenance option with long term wear.

keratin bonds don’t require removal and reapplication every 6 weeks like other hair extension types. This avoids the damage caused by excessive removal of glues/resins/beads, once our bonds are removed there is no left over residue and your hair should be as it was under the attachment point.Another advantage is you will save $$$ on reapplication costs (up to $1000 in that same 6 month period to be precise)

When we remove your hair extensions, we then donate the hair to be repurposed for wigs for people with cancer and alopecia so they do get a second wear!

More questions?