It's all about the application method

It isn’t a question of who can or can’t have hair extensions, it’s a question of what method of hair extensions is best for you!
Hair extensions are suitable for nearly everyone, the challenge is finding the right bond method for your hair and an experienced stylist to do the job!

An experienced extensionist will ensure the correct method (bond) is used and right extensions are applied, as there are various types of hair textures that can be used for extensions, and multiple bonding methods.

Another thing to know about your extensions is that they will not damage the hair, if applied and removed correctly. There are many uncertified hair extension salons that apply the extensions without completing a proper consultation, or having enough knowledge or experience. This will most certainly cause damage!
However, if the correct choices are made for your hair and lifestyle, this will ensure the hair does not incur damage in the process. With proper care, they can in fact improve the health of your hair.

Many people find that with extensions their hair ‘sits’ better naturally, therefore there is not such a need for drying and styling tools on a daily basis – resulting in the natural hair staying in much better condition. Additionally, correctly applied and weighted extensions can stimulate the scalp, which will in turn, trigger the hair follicles and help the hair grow faster and stronger.

So, how do we determine what is the best type of hair extension and application method for your hair?
There are four types of extension bonds that are most commonly used. These are: keratin bond, weave, tape and micro-bead, and each serve a particular purpose.
Keratin bonds are almost always the preferred choice of application method. The extension is tipped with a small keratin protein bond, which is fused to the natural hair. This method takes the most time (about 1-3hours) but it always the most flawless, seamless and permanent. This method is great for all types of hair, but is always the top choice for those with fine to medium hair as the bonds are so discreet, and gentle on the hair. In addition, the hair can still be worn up in a ponytail. Keratin bonds, if applied correctly are also the least damaging and the longest-lasting meaning you have luscious, longer & thicker hair for up to 6 months, without the expense of 6 weekly move-ups.

They are also more compatible with elements such as heat, water and sunlight. This means they won't restrict your lifestyle. The bonds are the same colour as the hair and when fused to the natural hair, they are barely visible. Keratin bonds are also the most versatile. The strand sizes can be custom made to accommodate fine or coarse hair and can be applied applied flat or round, to achieve a more seamless, or a more voluminous result.

They are easy to maintain and care for, much the same way as you would your normal hair and can be brushed and styled as per your usual routine.
This is when the natural hair is braided into a tight cornrow, or beaded at the scalp. The extension weft is then sewn directly into the braid. This method is only for those with coarse, thick hair, as the braid takes up quite a lot of the natural hair and requires a lot of your own hair to cover up the attachment. Weft, or weaves are good for adding lots of length and volume. However, the hair needs to be worn out, as the cornrow or beaded attachment is often visible and bulky when the hair is up.

If braids are made too tightly they can hurt, put strain on your scalp and cause hair to fall out at the root. If the weft is too heavy, it can cause hair to fall out, break off, or in extreme cases can result in tension alopecia. They will need regular maintenance. This includes being refitted every 6-8 weeks, which can be costly.
Tape is a great option for those who want a semi-permanent option as they are easily removed. A weft of hair is pre-taped, then sandwiched between two layers of the client's natural hair. This is for those who often wear their hair out, or in a low bun, as the tape is often visible when the hair is pulled up high. When the hair is down, tapes are often completely seamless. The bonus is the tapes can be reused and need to be removed and reapplied every 4-6 weeks – so this is a great interim step for someone wanting to try hair extensions without the long-term commitment.
This is when the hair extensions have a small bead attached closer to the scalp, which is looped around the natural hair, then clamped with pliers. Microbeads are only for people with medium to coarse hair, as if the beads don't have enough hair to attach to, they can slide down the hair shaft. This can be damaging to fine hair as the client has no control over the size or width of the attachment. They do give a flawless finish, but require regular maintenance similar to wefts, which can add up in costs!

Metal beads are particularly damaging to your natural hair. When heat is applied to the metal such as a blow dryer or hair straightener, the metal amplifies the heat on the hair inside, often resulting in breakage.

Too much info?

Come and visit the talented team at Elite and let us take care of everything.

Our extensionists will take the time to sit, and talk you through the whole process and give you all the options at hand. She will offer you all the pros and cons regarding extensions and will help you make the right decision for your hair type. She will also offer you all the styling services available (cutting, colouring & styling) to ensure you leave feeling completely fabulous.

At Elite we pride ourselves on our consultation process and ensure our Guests understand exactly how to look after their extensions, to ensure there is no injury to the scalp or discomfort to the client. We have multiple application methods & hair types available, so at Elite, you have a multitude of choices! This also shows that all our stylists are fully trained in all extension methods and are more than capable to look after you, and your precious locks.

The most crucial step to ensuring your hair extensions look good, and stay that way - is through regular maintenance checks. We will ensure regular reminder and follow ups and ensure you are fully comfortable and confident every step of the way.

We aren't happy, unless you are! If you have any questions or concerns about hair extensions, please contact us for an obligation free quote and complimentary, professional advice.

Our stylists, and the quality of our extensions ensure Elite maintains its reputation of being the best hair extensions salon in the on the Gold Coast - and your satisfaction & confidence is our number 1 priority. Welcome to the world of long, luscious locks!

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