How to grow healthy hair quickly

Posted on September 18, 2015 by Elite Hair

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If you want healthy, long hair there are a few key elements you need to focus on.

A healthy diet is a must. High nutrition levels not only speed up growth but will give your hair added shine and vitality. Supplements such as Biotin (promotes growth and protects against dryness) or iron and folic acid (faster growth) can also be beneficial for your whole body, not just your hair.

Protein is another key ingredient. Hair consists mainly of keratin (a protein made of amino acids) and for your body to produce this you need more protein in your system. Eggs, fish, nuts, lean meat and beans are all excellent sources of protein.

The final few vital ingredients are lots of sleep, plenty of waterstress-free lifestyle.

It’s no secret it takes time and patience to grow long, healthy hair it does take dedication and not everyone wants to wait.

Hair extensions are the perfect way to lengthen, thicken and reinvent your natural hair. Many of the styles worn by Hollywood’s hottest are an illusion and the result of craftily styled tendrils. This can be the ideal interim solution while you wait for your natural hair to get to where you want it.

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