The importance of styling products

Posted on May 10, 2016 by Elite Hair

Posted in Tips & Advice

Shampoo and conditioner is just not enough to ensure the hair stays in great condition. Everybody needs some sort of styling product – even if the hair is in incredible condition

For oily hair, try the Morocconoil oily hair treatment. This prevents the roots from producing too much oil, meaning you get longer freshness between washes

For dry hair, use a nourishing oil. This will help hydrate the hair and prevent any additional damage from daily stress and UV

For curly hair, grab yourself a curl creme or mousse. When scrunched in the hair, this will help form ringlets and remove frizz. It will ensure your curls hold and last longer.

For straight hair, get your hand on a sleeking balm or spray. This eliminates any flyaways and makes the hair sleek and shiny.

For ALL people using styling tools, make sure you use a heat protector EVERY TIME. Each time a styling tool is used, damage is caused so don’t miss it! We highly recommend the Morocconoil heat protector spray, as it is light and non greasy, but very effective.


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