New Year New Hairstyle

Posted on September 18, 2015 by Elite Hair

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We all know the drill, it’s the start of a new year, you’ve been back at work for about a week now, the summer holiday ease and beach side memories are slowly starting to fade but you refuse to slip into the same monotonous routine you vowed to leave behind last year. In an effort to shake things up and really start fresh, you hear yourself thinking, “I know I’ll change my hairstyle, get a new look for the New Year.” And there it is, before you’ve even had a chance to finish your skinny vanilla cap, you’re sitting in the chair with a bright red pixie cut and a hairdresser screaming, “It’s faaabulous!” It may very well be fabulous, but now you’re remembering why you were growing out your fringe in the first place, and that red really just doesn’t suit you, at all!

In an effort to avoid those, “I really wish I didn’t,” moments, we’ve complied our top 10, Dos and Don’ts, for achieving a brand new look, for a brand new year, sans the regret.

1. Don’t jump into things

Think long and hard about what you want and go to your hairdresser, prepared with inspiration and examples.

2. Don’t be unrealistic

Hairdressers aren’t miracle workers, not everyone can have tresses like Miranda and Gisele, but if that’s the look you’re going for, a full head of keratin bond extensions will be your best friend!

3. Do work with what you’ve got

Play your strengths and conceal your weaknesses. If you love your length, opt for a colour change. If you’re craving some more volume, then some subtle layers and a half head of extensions are for you.

4. Do consider extensions

Instead of chopping it all off, grow it all out, at super-sonic speed! Extensions can give you length and volume, (double win!), without permanently changing your natural hairstyle. We recommend our keratin bond extensions, however we also offer, tapes, mirroring/beads and weft extensions.

5. Do remember your previous mistakes

Don’t get another fringe, if you’ve just finished growing out the previous one. No matter how much you think you’ll love it, if you’ve hated it before, chances are you’ll hate it again!

6. Don’t change your look, just for the sake of it

If the stars are aligning and you’re loving your look at the moment, don’t disrupt the peace, you’ll only regret it!

7. Do communicate properly

Your stylist isn’t a mind reader. Once you’re 100% certain on what you want, be clear, be direct and be sure!

8. Don’t rush your stylist

If you want a change, your stylist is going to need time. Prepare to bunker down for the long haul. We recommend bringing a magazine, or two.

9. Don’t disregard your lifestyle

If you need to be dressed and out the door within the hour most mornings, don’t opt for an elaborate style that requires a lot of maintenance and upkeep.

10. Do pump up the volume

Whether you go for long luscious locks, or a cropped shoulder length bob, our motto is volume, volume, volume! Add some extensions, enhance your look and notice the immediate difference.


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