Olaplex Q&A

Posted on February 08, 2016 by Elite Hair

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What is Olaplex?

In our hair, there are bonds which are damaged and broken during chemical services such as bleaching and colouring.
Once colour is rinsed and the hair is conditioned or a treatment is applied, usually 50-70% of these are rebonded, but damage is unavoidable.

Olaplex is able to rebond between 90-100% of these broken bonds with each chemical service.

How is it applied?

There are 3 steps to an Olaplex treatment, which results in the hair leaving the salon in much better condition, than with just a normal conditioning treatment alone.

1) Treatment is added to your colour and applied during the service
2) Treatment is applied after colour is rinsed as a nourishing treatment
3) A take-home treatment, which can be used up to 10 times to ensure the hair is kept hydrated

Who needs Olaplex?

Everyone should be using Olaplex! Not only is it fantastic to nourish and condition the hair after colour services – but even if you don’t get your hair coloured, it can help repair damage caused by UV and styling tools.

However, if you are getting your hair bleached, it should be seen as a non-negotiable if you want the hair to remain silky, shiny and healthy.

How much is it?

Olaplex at Elite is $69.95, including the take-home treatment.
If you would like to add Olaplex to your next service, please mention at the time of booking as it adds 30 minutes to the processing time.


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