Out with the old in the bold

Posted on September 18, 2015 by Elite Hair

Posted in Tips & Advice

With a new year, comes new trends, new style secrets and new underling rules to live by.

We decode this year’s top 4 trends and why we love them!

1. Long Live the Lob

The long bob is the epitome of effortless cool. It screams model off-duty nonchalant and gives you instant street cred. But don’t be fooled, chopping off your tresses won’t automatically give you runway ready hair; it’s all in the texture. Although shorter in length, this style is still the perfect candidate for the addition of some keratin bond extensions; they’ll add some volume and ensure your look is always lush not limp! We also recommend the Extra Volume Shampoo and Conditioner from Moroccan Oil for the continual styling and upkeep of the Lob.

2. The ‘Undone’ Do

The modern gal’s best friend and perfect wing-woman for those busy, ‘nothing went right,’ mornings! It’ll turn your empty excuses for not having time to do your hair into a purposefully made style decision. It’s tousled, undone and balances strategically on the right side messy. This standout style is perfect for working with your natural hair and playing up your strengths. We recommend maintaining the look with Moroccan Oil’s Luminous Hairspray.

3. Braids and Ponies

It’s the year to get creative with classic old favorites. Add some tousle to your tresses and throw them into a low-slung ponytail or really put the effort in with boho braids and plaits. It’s all about romantic side swept looks with loose parts and long falling waves. By default, these standout styles work best with long hair, but if that’s not you don’t automatically call it quits. Ponytails and braids are the perfect styles to incorporate with extensions, so add some length with our keratin bonds and get ready to perfect your styling skills.

4. The style staple we can’t get over!

These voluminous waves need no introduction, the coveted hair of the Victoria’s Secret Angles remain a constant favorite. We’ve all tried the tips and tricks to achieving these miracle waves and chances are you’ve only been left frustrated and annoyed. The truth is, your natural hair sometimes needs a little helping hand when trying to meet your completely valid, but slightly unrealistic expectations. To avoid continuous disappointment, we stand by our recommendation of keratin bond extensions. They’ll give you long, voluminous locks, creating maximum impact, with minimal effort.


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