Real or Fake

Posted on August 31, 2017 by ahhmzj

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From the front in the mirror everything is on point.

The outfit, those eyebrows, the lip liner.  Ready to take on the day!

People walking past take second look, what do they see when they do….?

Those extensions you have hanging down like a disconnected mullet blowing in the wind.

Pulled over your shoulder they blend, right? Wrong.

We can only ever see what is in front of us.  Even a revision mirror still only shows us what we see from a glance forward.
The world around us sees things we don’t.

Hair extensions can make us feel like the footpath is a runway, or it can have the opposite effect.  People who know nothing about the industry and extensions themselves can make a judgement when our backs are turned because even if it’s real, it can look fake.

A compliment, a nod, a gesture.  Even the shameful woof whistle from the car passing by can make you cringe and then smile knowing you’ve got the look.  You look good and we at Elite pride ourselves on you walking out of our glass doors with even us taking a second look at how natural and real your extensions look.

I have been walking behind clients of ours before and didn’t even recognise the extensions.

But for some of you who have yet to experience the quality of our hair and workmanship.

I can see your weave girl x


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