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We often get new customers come to Elite as they are disappointed with the result of a home dye job. Either they have done it themselves, or with a friend – and the result it not as expected. They also find they have extensive hair damage, and are not sure how to get their old hair back!
You should ALWAYS go to a professional hairdresser for colour work – and here are the 10 reasons why.

1) Home colour is not reliable; you will not get the same result every time!

Home hair colour, purchased from a chemist or supermarket, is pre-mixed and is not tailored to your personal hair type. This means if your hair has excess oil, left over hair product, or is damaged from a day at the beach – the colour can react differently. A professional hairdresser however, will check your hair before any service, and will know what to do if something goes pear shaped.

2) Being a hairdresser is hard! Not everyone should be doing hair colour.

There are many reasons to trust a professional, becoming certified is not easy and requires years of training and apprenticeships. All this hard work means they are qualified to play with hair – not just anyone should be taking these risks. There is a lot of science & chemistry that goes into dying hair and it is therefore best left to the professionals.

3) All colour work should be followed by a professional treatment

Boxed colour contains high levels of chemical compounds as well as solvents, which results in a straw-like feel to your hair. Salon colour is often mixed with conditioners and toners, and finished with treatments, ensuring no breakage or damage.

4) It may seem cheap now, but not in the long run!

You may feel that paying $30 for a boxed colour is saving you money, rather than the salon prices. However, it is inevitable that eventually a mistake will be made when using boxed colour and you will have to go into a salon to get it fixed. If the damage is extensive, there will be a long, expensive routine to get your hair back to where you want it and this will end up costing you lots more!

5) You won’t get lovely highlights and lowlights, you will simply get a blanket colours

The boxes may say otherwise but a semi or permanent colour will not give dimension to the hair, it is one colour that will cover all the hair. It will look flat, and boring. Highlighting caps are available where a needle is passed through a hair cap, and then sections pulled out and then bleached. We have never seen one of these go well! It is an excruciatingly painful process, and always ends up looking artificial and tacky.

Take our word for it – see a professional!