Sayonara Bad Hair Days!

Posted on January 20, 2015 by Elite Hair

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Whether it be staying in bed for that extra 15 minutes, heading straight to work from the gym, or having a dip in the ocean before heading out with the gals – we all find ourselves victim to bad hair days.

Often a high, slicked back top-knot, or high pony is a last resort – but we have three steps to a fresh hair look when your locks are left unwashed for one day too long!

Dry Shampoo & Dusting Powder

This stuff is an absolute godsend on not-washing days. If the hair is looking and feeling a little on the greasy side, tip your head upside down to get some air in your roots. Spray the hair at the front & back roots, and around your ears with dry shampoo. Finger tease around your hairline (make sure you have very clean hands – so not to add to the oil)

The final step is tipping a light dusting of volumsing powder on your part, to soak up any final grease. Give your hair a shake at the roots, before pulling back into your desired style. We like to go with a low texturized bun!


Take the entire top section of your hair, and pull forward into your hands right in front of your forehead. Take a fine toothed comb and slowly, and gently back comb piece by piece until your entire fringe is sticking right up in the air – like Alfalda! Spray with hairspray.

Repeat with the sections of hair around your ears.

Now you have a halo of frizz around your hair, use a very wide toothed comb to drag your hair back into a high-mid pony, Your hair will now have lost all excess grease and will have volume and grit.


Section the hair into two pieces right down the middle.

Starting at the roots, French braid the hair into 2 long braids down the side of your head. This is a great look as the hair is kept off your face and also looks gorgeous under a beanie or fedora – if the oil just gets to be too much!


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