What can I do about my thinning hair

Posted on September 18, 2015 by Elite Hair

Posted in Tips & Advice

Some people have thin or fine hair all their life while others have problems later in life or as a result of health or dietary complications. Hair extensions are not only designed for length but they are also perfect for adding body and weight to thin hair. Better still you can control the amount of body you add with either a quarter, half or full head of hair extensions. You can go for styles with natural wave and body or stick to straight and smooth. Mix up colours or blend with your natural tones and highlights.

A word from a past customer:

“I have been ‘follicly challenged’ with thin hair all my life. My friends often commented about hair extensions and I finally took the plunge and decided to get them done. I fell in love with my new look immediately but it was two weeks into having them when I was caught in a sudden rain shower. My natural reaction was to duck for cover as even a handful of drops would flatten the wisp of hair I had (not a look I was going for!) but with the extensions I just scrunched it up for added body and kept on my way. What a confidence booster. My life will never be the same again!!!”


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