Which hairstyle will suit my face shape

Posted on September 18, 2015 by Elite Hair

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If your face has a square shape…

Your gorgeous bone structure means a soft, flowing hairstyle really sets off your features. Keep your hair below your jaw line – extensions would look amazing on you! Steer clear of blunt bangs, short crops or bobs. Upstyle your long locks or run waves or soft curls through it for some variety.

If your face has a triangle shape…

The aim is to draw the eye away from your jaw line pulling the attention back up higher. Try out a short haircut, add width to the forehead with a pixie cut, bob or shorter bangs.

If your face has a round circular shape…

Round circular faces should embrace softer styles, long hair styles will make your face look longer or adding crown height. You can also run side-swept bangs to mix it up. Soft curls or long and straight will both look amazing.

If your face has a diamond shape…

Keep your hair fuller on the sides and higher on top to balance out your angular face shape. Your aim is to create an illusion of roundness. Frame your face and embrace bangs.

If your face has an oval shape…

You are lucky as this is the most adaptable face shape with perfect balance to pull off a range of styles – long to short you have the flexibility to pick and choose!

Still unsure which style to go for? At Elite Hair we offer obligation free consultations, you are more than happy to pop by and talk to us about your options and our stylist experts can advise whether extensions will suit your face shape.



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